EiP Qualification > Live-Online from 189,- Euro

Optimize your safety culture in real time
EiP Qualification > Live-Online > from 189,- Euro
Optimize your safety culture in real time

We offer you the legally required training for »Electrically Instructed Person« in the online variant – conducted live by experienced instructors. This increases safety for your employees, minimizes the risk of costly damage – and saves time, money and resources.

Together against
  • Unknowledge
  • Overconfidence
  • Carelessness

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At 32%, electricity is by far the most common cause of fires: In Germany alone, this causes around 85,000 buildings to burn each year. Fatal accidents and enormous damage in connection with electrical equipment and installations also occur time and again – the majority caused by electrotechnical laymen. The sad truth: most incidents could have been prevented by simple basic know-how.

That’s why we see our mission as our vocation at the same time: we will actively support you in preventing accidents in your everyday work. Our training concept is aimed at achieving positive effects on behavior in daily practice. In this way, you optimize the workflow and, above all, the safety of your employees. Take us at our word …


Successful EuP qualification in only 4 hours

GRT World

At any place

GRT Devices

With any device

GRT cert

Certificate immediately

Digital – but highly personal

Thanks to a high degree of practical orientation and individual feedback, your live online training is as effective as a face-to-face seminar. Only it is much more convenient and cheaper.

We look forward to welcoming you »live« in the near future …

Yours, Stefan Grothe

Qualify your employees with a digital edge


Fast + flexible

At any location, without planning stress – even for urgent appointments. Via PC, tablet or mobile phone, participants take part in the live training – the EuP certificate follows immediately after completion.

Simple + convenient

Via e-mail invitation to the virtual seminar room – and off you go. As a client, you always maintain an overview: With results of the qualifications, the dates and feedback on the training.

Efficient + affordable

No travel expenses, no costs for rooms and accommodation. Instead, concentrated learning (and sharing) in small groups. The EiP training is charged at a fixed price per participant. Starting at 189.00 Euros/person for participation in the open live online seminar.

Which EiP training is right for you?

GRT stand-by
GRT group
GRT express
grt x11

Are you interested in a classroom training?

Upon request, we are also happy to conduct Our face-to-face trainings are absolutely customized to your requirements – and of course compliant with the current Covid 19 measures. Send us your request

This is how simple the training works in practice

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    1. invitation to the training

    The invitation comes via e-mail. A reminder will follow the day before the training – as well as the link to access the training.

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    2. the live training

    PC, tablet or cell phone is used to participate in the online live training. Our instructors rely on the proven platform

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    the certificate

    Immediately after passing the test, the certificate for the participants follows in digital form.

Answers to your questions

How is my training booked in detail?

– after agreeing on the date you will receive an order confirmation with all details about the training. You can choose from about 40 dates per month

– the link to register for the training will either be sent to you (to be forwarded to the participants) or you will send us a list with the e-Mail addresses of the participants. The participants will then be invited directly by us. The data will of course be deleted after completion of the training

– each participant receives via e-Mail: 1) The link to the registration + 2) The registration form as a binding confirmation of participation.

– in time before the start of the training, the participants will receive a reminder

– with the reminder the participants receive a short instruction for easy participation with the respective end device and operating system

– If desired, participants can download a summary of the topics in advance

Is there a minimum number of registrations?

With us there is no minimum number of participants – we accommodate every participant. Therefore, individual participants can also book a training at no extra charge.

What happens in case of technical difficulties?

Problems with our training platform are extremely rare: A few clicks are all it takes to access the training, downloads are eliminated, and Internet access is doubly secure. If necessary, we help participants with the settings. And if there is an interruption, participants simply log back in using the existing link.

And if an appointment cannot be kept?

In this case, a short info is enough – and we move the training to another date. The participants will then receive a new link. If you need to cancel the training altogether, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the training.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for one year – and is delivered via e-mail. The same applies to a certificate of attendance (if no test is desired as a learning outcome check). We charge 5.00 Euro (within Germany) for sending the certificates by mail.

What information is included in the training report?

With the training report you get the following overview:

– the list of participants

– Comments of the participants (anonymous)

– Feedback and suggestions for improvements

– Results of the group work (only for Exclusive Trainings)

– Evaluation and answering the intermediate questions

– Results of the learning success control


Online Live Trainings that work

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